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For the past 20 years, I have been a divorce attorney.   I was always frustrated at how poorly many of my clients coped with their lives or failed to move on in a healthy or positive way.  They weren’t crazy – they were just in a crazy-making situation, but as much as my clients looked to me to help them out of their emotional misery, I didn’t have the tools.   So I became a professional life coach, and got certified in holistic wellness coaching, thinking I could help my clients at least get some balance and well-being in their stressed-out lives.   And then I took on training in marriage and relationship coaching, because after 20 years of doing divorces, I had a pretty good idea why marriages failed.  And when I started to do this work, I knew that I was meant to use my coaching – not just to help people get through their divorces better, but to help them stay married,  to help people fight for their marriage instead of against it, and to help people turn ho-hum marriages into great marriages.   So I am thrilled to say that I stand for marriage, and not just any type of marriage, but marriages that are based on a total heart and soul connection.

If we can destroy, we can build.  It’s time to build ourselves, our families, our communities, our societies and our world – one deeply satisfied couple at a time.

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